Gizmo is a handsome Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix. He was rescued by his foster mum at a hi kill shelter at the front desk where someone was about to dump him.

I could see the fear in his eyes, he must have known what his possible fate could have been. His foster mum fell in love the moment she laid eyes on him. When she went to pet him, he immediately gave her such sweet kisses all over her face. She knew then and there she could not allow him to be put in the shelter. So she begged the lady to let her have him and off they went. Whew! how lucky was that.

He is sooo sweet, gentle and loving, not to mention smart too! He loves to go under covers at night and keeps his mum nice and warm. Gizmo just adores his new brothers and sisters and loves to play long and hard. He does’nt mind the cats either and tries coaxing them to play.

Gizmo is about 9mo of age and weighs about 7lbs (should be under 10lbs fully grown). He has a very flashy look and carries himself well. He minds well and is housebroken.

Gizmo is extremely easy going and has no issues, his spirit is very gentle and he will make a perfect family member. What more could you ask for?

Call Sam at (555) 555-4321




Audrey’s Story…

Gorgeous little sassy thing . . . this girl was too young to be facing the pound and younger still to be pregnant and yet . . . Sounds like a Lifetime movie, but this one will have a fairy tale ending.

Audrey is a lovely little Jack Russell Terrier mix with slightly longer legs. Super friendly, Audrey likes other dogs, gets along with cats and is good with children. Just 14 months old, about 15 lbs, Audrey was a great Mommy, but it is now time for her to get in touch with her inner puppy and have her 2nd chance. A truly adorable scruff, Audrey loves to play, snuggle and go for long walks with her little tail held high knowing her forever family is just around the corner.


Call Sam at (555) 555-4321



Rush is a robot super-dog, created to help Mega Man fight the evil robots of Dr. Wily. Rush can transform into numerous helpful forms, including a jet, a submarine, and even a suit of armor!

Do you feel a calling to stop megalomaniacal villains from taking over the world? Then take home this faithful robo dog today!

Call Dr. Light at 310-555-5555.



Ryder: 4 years old, neutered male, domestic shorthair, 5 lbs.

Ryder is a rare North American Motorcycle Cat, but he’s left his wandering days on the road and is looking for a home! Excellent for riding along in your car, or hanging precariously off a motorcycle, Ryder is ready to stay at home with you or travel abroad!

For information about Ryder, call Jessica at Pet Rescue Crew — (555) 555-5555.



ALLEY: 3 years old, spayed female, domestic shorthair, 8 lbs.

Alley is nicknamed after where we found her, an alley! Crazy, right? She had started a stray cat empire in the alley behind the grocery store, and they were plotting to invade the pet store next door.

We cat-nipped that in the bud though, and now Alley is ready to be a part of your home. Keep her away from anything valuable.

For information about Alley, call Jessica at Pet Rescue Crew — (555) 555-5555.